Sunday, August 3, 2008

Not a Chinese Junk, Our Junk!

A friend recently sent me a link to a very interesting blog. It is the story of a raft named Junk, and made of just that, junk! Made from 15,000 plastic bottles, Junk, as I type this, sails from California to Hawaii with a strong message aboard: Recycle! There is more trash and plastic in the North Pacific Ocean now than ever. It never completely breaks down and pollutes the ocean and it's inhabitants with various chemicals. The 2 man crew of Junk recently reach the halfway point of their journey and you can follow them day by day on their blog.

To check them out and to learn more visit and spread the word. The more people who know of Junk and its message the stronger that message will be!


threio said...

Nothing wrong with protesting pollution by sailing this boat of junk. Let's hope he makes it safely.

VeRonda said...

You are so right about the power in spreading the message. I will definitely pass this on... You know, I've found as I blog around that there is, indeed, so much going on in this world AND there is still much good in the world. Thanks for sharing.

Dagny said...

Looks like a great voyage! Hopefully they are getting lots of media coverage to encourage everyone to recycle and use less disposable products.

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