Friday, August 1, 2008

Wear Your Ride Well!

I am very enamored with the new breed of eco-crafter. So much fabulous junk exists in this world and it is just begging to be re-fashioned. Alicia and Brad of Hi Octane Jewelry are no exception to this excellence in recycled craft.

The hot rod inspired jewelry Alicia and Brad create begins from drawings which they then make into molds. The final sterling silver products are divine! But from my view, that of the obsessive recycler, their best jewelry is made from old car parts. Using emblems from cars that now spend their golden years in junk yards and scrap heaps, they clean each old car emblem carefully. They then attach hardware to the emblem so it can relive its days of glory on the open road, only now, it rides around your neck! Each necklace is completely handmade, recycled, and finely finished. Really, what more could you possible want!?! So maybe your first love was a Mustang, or even a Buick (don't worry, I won't tell); what better way to commemorate the former 4-wheels of your heart than to wear a piece of it around your neck.

You can see all of Hi Octane Jewelry's designs on their site. But you may want to contact them to see what car emblems they have in stock.


threio said...

this is some pretty interesting bling-bling. :)

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