Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Beachy Green

The South Bay of California is a place like none other. Beautiful weather, ocean breezes and small beach communities dot the coast off the Santa Monica Bay. Any given day at the beach you'll find the ocean providing fish to local fisherman and waves to surfers and swimmers. But the ocean can provide these things only if we care for it. One group who feared beach-life was in danger was the Heal the Bay organization.

Finding itself a dump site for trash and sewage, the Santa Monica Bay needed a hero. In 1985, Heal the Bay held rallies, involved the media and joined in lawsuits already pending against the City of L.A. for environmental abuse. These actions began the greatly needed process of healing for the coast off Los Angeles. Today the bay is not perfect, but much better than is was and is on the right track for further improvement.

It's easy to get involved. Heal the Bay has numerous volunteer opportunities, Adopt-a-beach groups, and of course monetary donations are always helpful. You can also participate in online petitions helping environmental causes, and other causes too of course!

So take a couple minutes for our oceans because it makes a world of difference for future generations.


Natalie Burdick said...

The key petition that needs attention right now is about plastic shopping bags in LA County - Ban Plastic Bags

Did you know:
- Roughly 60–80% of all marine debris, and 90% of floating debris is plastic!
- The North Pacific Gyre is the world's largest floating island of trash (5 million square miles—bigger than the entire US) where there is six more times the mass of plastic particles than plankton!
- More than 1 million seabirds, 100,000 marine mammals, and countless fish die annually from ingesting or becoming entangled in marine debris that NEVER biodegrades
- Not to mention the millions of barrels of oil we consume to produce plastic bags

Because this is a local issue – every signature REALLY does count.

peezandques said...

Natalie's comment is right on point... I blogged about plastic bags -see "Tote-ally Fabulous" on my Peez & Ques blog.