Friday, October 5, 2007

The Beetle and the Beast

My favorite past time is traveling, be it the United States or abroad. I always feel a little guilty flying due to airlines' contribution to pollution. I could talk about air pollution, but I'm referring to the airlines' lack of cooperation on the eco-front. I often keep my empty can or plastic bottle when the flight attendants collect trash knowing my recyclable goods will end up in the garbage. I know, I'm loco for the green movement.

I live in California and travel to Hawaii frequently. I get on the computer to compare and book my flight and rental car. I was so happy to discover the Bio-Beetle amongst my car-rental choices. Available for rent in California and Hawaii, the Bio-Beetle is an economical and ecological choice with competitive rental rates and all their cars running on biodeisel.

Daily rates start at about $49 a day. For those who wouldn't be caught dead driving a Beetle, fear not. Quite a few of your choices are various types of Volkswagons, and you do have the option of Jeeps in some locations.

So, traveling west for some warmer weather? Be sure to include the Bio-Beetle as one of your car rental choices!

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