Monday, December 17, 2007

The Gift of Charity

So you have been checking off your list for Christmas shopping. And you have only one more person to shop for, Grandpa Bob. You would celebrate the nearness to your shopping's end, however you have no idea what to get Grandpa Bob. He has everything he could ever need or want and anything you buy him would just be excess. In fact, he has even told you he wants nothing. In the past you've come up with more sentimental gift ideas, but this year you are at a loss!

I began giving to such people with even more generousity than in previous years when I discovered gifting to non-profits. You'll find most charities and foundations make it possible to make a charitable donation in the name of a specific individual.
Some even take it a step further, you can adopt a dolphin, polar bear, or even sponsor a child in a poverty stricken country.

So not only are you helping a worthy cause, but you using the money you'd use buy Grandpa Bob a useless present and showing him you were thinking of him!

Here's some idea's to get you started:

Adopt a Oceana Creature

Adopt a Wild Animal

Norther Rockies Radiation Oncology Center

Make A Wish


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