Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gift Wrap with a Life Span Beyond Christmas Morning

My favorite part of Christmas is the giving part. It is fun to buy or make that perfect gift for the special people in your life. Often I spend just as much time and care in wrapping my gifts as I do purchasing them. Christmas morning comes and goes and the living room displays the carnage of wrapping paper that will see nothing more than than a landfill for all it's days to come.

I've recently discovered a great new product. Handmade and chic gift bags. Cut and sewn from organza and other fine fabrics, Enchante Bags are made in various shapes and sizes to fit something as simple as a wine bottle, to that fold-out gift box you got for mom's new blouse. Your gift bag will be sure to wow the socks off your gift recipient, but the best part is that they can reuse the bag next time they give a gift. Not only have you saved them the cutting and taping that goes hand in hand with gift wrapping, but you've given the environment one less holiday wrap to handle.



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