Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Whole Foods to the Rescue

I've always been a fan of Whole Foods, but as of late, the organic grocerery chain has captured my respect. While trying to peddle my cards, I learned that Whole Foods tries to buy locally whenever possible. This led me to want to research the full scope of WF's do-gooding. They are not only a great source of healthful information, support the local ecomony, but also often donate to local charities. One example of this is their 5% days. They work with a local school or charity, pick a day at their store, and donte 5% of their net sales that day to the selected charity. For example, this Thursday at the WF's in Redondo Beach, CA, 5% goes to the Surfrider Foundation. To keep abreast of the 5% days at your local WF's, visit their website, choose your location and sign up for the Fl@vor's email list.

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