Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A New Bag in Town

Manhattan Beach City Council proved they were up for the eco-challenge when on July 15th they unanimously adopted an ordinance banning plastic bags! Manhattan Beach is the second city in the Nation to adopt the plastic bag which begins in February 2009. Plastic bags are often carried by the wind into storm drains and into the ocean where fish and birds mistakenly eat the bags thinking it is food and end up dying. Also, plastic bags end up in the trash where they take a very long time to breakdown.

Go Manhattan Beach! I'm very proud of you!

If you haven't already started bringing your own bags to the store the time is now. You can read my post on reusable tote bags.

For more information on the plastic bag ban in Manhattan Beach visit www.citymb.info

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VeRonda said...

I do have a few recycled bags for shopping and I love them... To be honest, I use them for other things, too. They're so convenient. It's important to be aware about the environment and what's going on around you.