Monday, July 14, 2008

Renegade: We heart you!

Wow! Renegade showed us how a craft fair should be! This weekend was fabulous. Alicia & Brad of Hi Octane Jewelry and myself (Leah of Peez & Ques) had a great time in San Francisco while participating in the first annual west coast Renegade Craft Fair. We arrived back in Oceanside last night around 4 am. It may be sleep deprivation, but I'd like to think this giddy fuzzy feeling in my head is the crafty high I'm still feeling from two days of creative bliss!

The vendors who joined us at the for the event were really quite outstanding. So much creativity, quality and attention to detail. There were handmade and naturalbody products by Biggs & Featherbelle, hand sewns satchels by Blissful, representation by the Los Angeles and Sacramento Craft Mafias and topped off with veggie burgers and vegan almond icecream! Really so much talent. If you haven't already, cruise by the Renegade website and browse its vendors' websites.

And, just when we thought we could love the Renegade event any more, they brought in the band. Not just any band...Mucca Pazza, a punk inspired marching band. By the way Mucca Pazza, I think we are all very curious what your rehearsals must be like. I'm guessing organized, fantastic chaos... you must You Tube that for us!!!

To all the vendors at Renegade, it was an absolute pleasure. You were all superb, and friendly to boot! I do hope to bump into you all again soon!

Enjoy these pics from Alicia and Leah of the Oceanside Craft Mafia:

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