Friday, July 18, 2008

Shower the Way Mother Earth Intended!

I love nothing more than a nice long shower. But a lot of bath products out there defeat the purpose of my behind-the-curtain spa time with their additives, preservatives and such. I was lucky to meet Kasey Evick, co-owner of Biggs & Featherbelle, when I recently attended the Renegade Craft Fair. She and her sister, Kelly, have created an entire line of all natural body products; soap, lotion, lip balm. You know, all the stuff girls really dig. If we used this kind of soap growing up I wouldn't have fear the warning of a mouth be washed out!

You die-hards out there, myself included, will be glad to hear; not only are the products all natural, but you could practically eat their brochures and packaging with use of recycled papers and soy inks. I bought the cutest little gift set for my friend who was dog-sitting my boston terrier. Now, I find myself gazing longingly at their website. I know I won't escape the weekend without a purchase!!!

To fully grasp what I'm ranting about, visit their website:

Thanks Kasey & Kelly for making the shower a greener place!

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VeRonda said...

I know. I know. Their products are fabulous. My girlfriend sells these products in her store. I love the packaging, too.