Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Big Yellow Idler

Looking back, the yellow school bus provided pages and pages of childhood memories. I remember waiting in the freezing cold Colorado mornings for the bus to turn the corner so I could board and get the feeling back in my toes. I remember the windows that never quite went up or down all the way. And of course, the smell. Why is it that school buses always had that distinct smell!?!

The smell buses are better know for now are their emissions! But the EPA hopes to scrub the air clean of that. The National Idle-Reduction Campaign hopes to spread school to school and encourage bus drivers to turn off their engines while they wait for kids to load and unload in their masses. What better way to teach the future how to properly take care of the earth, than by showing them!

The EPA knows that idling buses are bad for the environment, a waste fuel and money, and are a cause for concern when it comes to the health of drivers, students and teachers. The catch is, that they need our help. They've provided all the tools you need to begin your own Idle-Reduction Campaign in your school district.

Just go to their website or direct:

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