Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are you filling big shoes?

The larger the city we live in, the more we are aware of our impact on the earth. We see the impact not only of ourselves indivually but also that of our friends and neighbors. I find my fellow city dwellers are much more active in choosing local products/produce, recycling and other earth-aware activities because the impact they are making, positive and negative, is all around them.

When I go back to Colorado, which is a very environmentally conscious state, I still find many people taking for granted their ecological footprint. I know I am speaking in broad generalities, and I know there are exceptions to every rule. However, when someone lives in a place where they are many miles from the closest freeway, they can't see the smog from their backyard and they don't see how many recyclable materials are tossed into the trash, then they may not be aware of their footprint on this earth.

Want a clear view of the ecological-shoes your household is filling? You must check out this site.

Ecological Footprint Quiz

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