Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Too Much Junk Mail

I realized after the fact, that my last post included a lot of information, so I thought I'd explain a few of the links I previously listed in the days to come.

If you have as little as one credit card, then you know the pangs of junk mail. I, on average, receive 2 or more pre-approved credit offers a day. I receive another 3-5 insurance offers a week. Not to mention catalogs, circulars and local coupons. Don't even get me started on the barrage of letters and postcards that flood my mailbox during election time.

For your catalogs I suggest calling each company individually and requesting to be removed from their catalog. Chances are you can find anything you need from that company's website. In fact, it is probably much more up to date than a paper catalog that had to be pritned and mailed.

A great solution for the credit and insurance offers is the opt-out process. Visit the website , fill out the form and mail it. I was recently married so filled out one in my maiden name and another in my married name, just to be sure.

You can read the website for all the nasty details, but bottom line; you send this form and the offers diminish tremendously. Bye-bye Junk mail!

Of course some companies are getting creative with their junk-mail. Some in the paper biz are simply turning it into recycled paper. You all know what I've been doing with my junk mail: Peez & Ques

As always, thank you fellow Earth-lovers!

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