Tuesday, September 11, 2007

San Diego Craft Mafia

Okay all... so we are looking for ethical, edgy, crafty-types to become members of the San Diego Craft Mafia. We promote you, you promote us, we promote each other. You feelin' the love? The goal of the San Diego Craft Mafia is to help individual indie businesses be more successful by pooling resources and finding creative ways to market and co-market our products. At the root of this overwhelming desire to succeed, is our mutual respect and kindness for and towards one another.

To get a better idea of where the Craft Mafia started check out:
Craft Mafia

To contact us for membership:
San Diego Craft Mafia

To see what some of it's members are up to:
Peez & Ques: Recycled Cards
HiOctane Jewelry
Jumble Bugs

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