Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Attention Book Junkies

I have an addiction; it's books! There is something relaxing about curling up, and flipping through the paper pages. Though I have a compulsion for many things paper, (recycled of course!) paperbacks and the occasional hardback take the prize. I have stacks of books made to look like decoration, over-flowing shelves and in numerous boxes in the garage. My books can be put in two categories: will be read and re-read, and will be given away. For those books which fall into the latter grouping, I've recently discovered the wonderful online world of used books.

Imagine a world where you received credit for each book you were willing to swap, (I'd already be a millionaire in Book-Land!) and those credits could be used for books you haven't read yet! Well, imagine no more. I give you PaperBackSwap!

Not only do you appease the hungry reader within, but you help the environment by recycling your books! Check them out!

For those of you who prefer to support your local community, which definitely suggest, you need only do an online yellowpages search to find a nearby used bookstore. For those of you in the Southbay, CA, I frequent Daves Olde Book Shop in Manhattan Beach.

Go forth and read....and buy some cards too ;-)

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