Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Recycled, Hand-Made Card Designs

I have many new note-card designs.... I had a lot of fun with these. A little more popular culture than my others. The robot I think is my new "character" of choice. He's dressed in 3-d glasses ( I remember wearing a pair of these only once, but man they made an impact!), or as a devil... I'm sure he will be revistited over and over. He's reminiscent of our little Star Wars buddy....
I get so wrapped up in website designs and marketing, that when I get to design and make my cards it is reinvigorating.
My older designs are all still on my website
Always hand-made by moi.... always recycled.....always recyclable.....

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New Designs: guitars, turn-tables, octopus, mic, match, lightening bolt

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